Job Breakout
Item Your Cost
One 12' x 24' Putting Green Turf $1,102.50
Accessory Kit FREE
Freight Charges FREE
Putting Green Kit Total $1,102.50
Granite Sub Base Material Delivered (4 tons) $80.00
Black Beauty Sandblasting Sand (15 100 lb. bags) $50.00
Geotextile Underlayment $20.00
Compactor Rental $50.00
Labor Self-Install (1 day) $0.00
Additional Materials Costs $200.00
Putting Green Total $1,102.50
Additional Materials $200.00
Final Project Cost $1,302.50


  • The dirt that was removed to make the sand trap was used as a brim with landscaping behind the green. I got the putting green I wanted and my wife got some landscaping she wanted

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36' x 30' Putting Green Installation

24' x 18' Putting Green Installation