All Pro Putting Greens Look And Feel Like The Real Deal

There are many companies touting the virtues of the artificial turf they either distribute or manufacture. But Mark Knight who helped launch the California distributorship for All Pro Putting Greens last year has at least one testimonial that he can trust, his own. His company distributes and installs artificial turfs made by the Georgia based company. All Pro Putting Greens began with a desire to have a backyard putting green of his own about a year ago. The Huntington Beach resident and avid golfer with a five handicap read an article about installing backyard artificial putting greens. “I’m big into golf but I’d never heard of an artificial green” Knight said. “I decided right then I wanted one. I called around and got a couple of samples but wasn’t satisfied so I went on the internet and did some research.”

He was most impressed by All Pro Putting Greens which has been making artificial turf for 6 years. But when he asked for a green to be installed he was told there was no California distributor. Shortly after, he and a partner, David Long, decided to start one.

“There are many turf companies out there but I knew that if I can get someone to putt on my surface that’s the one they’ll buy.” Knight said The aim of any backyard putting green is to improve one’s game. Some estimate that the short game makes up 62 percent of the strokes in an average round of golf and 70 percent of all putts are 7 feet or shorter. But with driving ranges crowded and practice putting greens hard to find most golfers focus on the long game.

But as Knight’s company likes to say in it’s marketing, with an All Pro Putting Green, a golfer can golf on his or her own turf. The greens can be installed virtually anywhere. And, they’re virtually maintenance free. Made with a highly durable ultraviolet treated polypropylene fiber designed to withstand all kinds of inclement weather conditions, the greens hold a chip shot, and allow the ball to roll like the best country club greens.

The main difference between All Pro and other artificial turfs according to Knight is the All Pro “is by far the densest turf out there. It’s density creates a more real surface, which means a truer roll and no bouncing that other turfs may have.”

The thickness of the turf means it’s ideal for receiving shots as well as for putting.

“This has really helped my chipping game as much as my putting.” Said Knight who has a three hole green installed in his backyard.

The density means that, unlike some other turf All Pro doesn’t need occasional applications of top dressing. “ We truly are a maintenance free green” said Knight, who estimates that the custom designs his company installs will last a lifetime, with replacement of the turf only after 15 or 20 years.

Another distinctive trait about All Pro turf is the color. The company adds aluminum oxide or coal slag, a charcoal brown sand to infill its turf, giving the green “ a very rich deep green color with different shades. It makes it look just like a real green.”

There is no minimum order although Knight said “ it’s hard to dispatch a crew for less than $750.” Ideally, someone should have at least 100 square feet for the green. Cost for the turf is $8.00 to $12.00 per square foot installed. The largest green his company has installed to date is a 14 hole putting green covering 1,800 square feet for a senior citizen apartment complex.

A big selling point for Knight’s company is that he’s also a general contractor. “ We can come in and install the green and do anything the customer wants to help integrate the turf into whatever design they may choose, we can do masonry work , cement or natural stone, or rework the sprinklers, anything they want done we can do without them making one more phone call.”

Also, with his partner Long, a landscape designer, Knight believes his company will eventually be covering every aspect of installation, from design to actual construction.

He likens the purchase of a putting green to that of a small spa or hot tub. It’s an investment that enhances a family’s living environment. “Making a decision to purchase a backyard putting green isn’t always a quick one” he said. “A lot of thought goes into it. One thing I’ve noticed is that people are more excited than they thought they would be after they have had the chance to actually use the green. They realize how much it helps their game. I know it sounds gimmicky to some people who might think of this as plastic grass. But it’s not.”

“This really does recreate putting. We can control the speed and undulations or contours of the greens. We can put in greens that break right to left or left to right, uphill or downhill, and the ball really reacts on our turf. It’s not just a fair simulation. It’s like putting on real grass.”