“WOW! Every golfers dream … go from a twenty-four handicap to a fifteen in three weeks! ALL PRO PUTTING GREENS has brought the cost down so that every homeowner can afford their own back yard putting green! We have had parties where ten people (including non-golfers), would be out there having a blast, going around our nine-hole course. I can practice all short game shots from putting to chipping to pitching. The installation of our ALL PRO PUTTING GREEN is above and beyond what I thought it would be; a great putting surface with no maintenance! We even putt at night with our newly installed low voltage lighting system. It’s the best decision we have made in years! Our property value has increased significantly with the installation of our ALL PRO PUTTING GREEN … and the kids love it!”

— Marv Johnson
Camarillo, CA

“I am a UPS driver and I practice in the evening to relax. I have noticed an immediate difference in my putting stroke. The difference in my putting on the golf course has greatly improved my score - it’s like the difference between day and night.”

— David Burke
Temple, TX

“I was excited yet skeptical about installing a putting green. I thought it would be much more difficult than the video portrayed. I was amazed at how easy and fast we installed the green. I was also surprised when I called about a question, on a Sunday, there was someone there to answer my question. The product and customer support is great!”

“You would not believe the look on my golf buddy’s faces when they walked in the backyard. They thought it was a natural grass green. I am consistently playing better golf...and winning more money since I have installed your putting surface.”

— David Mcintyre
Whitby, Ontario

“Once upon a time I had a natural bent grass green. I spent more time and money maintaining the green than I did practicing on it. The only maintenance on our synthetic green is debris removal with a leaf blower. The step-by-step installation was easy and a fraction of the time I spent preparing my natural green. The installation of our 12 x 24 green took 1 day. The ball roll is very true and I am very pleased with your product.”

“I discovered synthetic greens while earning my teaching pro’s certificate in Chicago several years ago. As a teaching pro, I get the biggest reward out of helping people with their golf game. I can teach my students putting and chipping in my yard instead of driving 30 minutes to a golf course practice green or driving range. The putting green reacts as well, if not better, than a natural grass green. Initially, many students didn’t realize the 1800 sq. ft. green was synthetic until I told them.”

— Troy Averill
Pinconning, MI

“I was tired of the maintenance and upkeep of my swimming pool so we filled it in and turned it into a putting green. Not only is it fun and convenient to practice at any time, our yard has become the “hang-out” of the neighborhood. I enjoy waking up in the morning and looking out the kitchen window at the green - it’s gorgeous. My golf partner/realtor said we have raised our property value by installing the green.”

“I noticed an immediate improvement in my putting. I was the worst player in my regular foursome Today I am the best putter of all my friends. I have much more confidence at the golf course about reading the proper line. I now have the confidence to be more aggressive with my putts because I know if it doesn’t go in, the next one will. I would compare the cost of the self-install green to a set of irons. This is the best golf gift my wife has ever got me.”

“Everyone I show the green to, just loves it. Now that I know all the techniques from watching the video, the green went together very well. The entire installation of the 24’ x 30’ green and all surrounding landscape was done by my son and myself. I’ve been practicing 3 to 5 times a week and just love how the surface responds. This is great backyard entertainment for my 11 year old boy. In the year 2000, my property was appraised at $239,000. Just weeks ago, my property appraised for $295,000! All other factors aside, my investment of $3,000 (about the cost of a hot tub), in a synthetic putting green & additional landscaping earned me $56,000 in property value. You were fantastic to work with and very professional.”

— Paul Langhals
Colorado Springs, CO

“My wife allowed me to convert part of the backyard into a putting green. She was concerned how the green would affect her flower beds and landscaping. But as you can see the putting green only enhances her green thumb. It is very convenient to walk off my patio onto the green. The green color is terrific and very nice to look at. I think you guys have an excellent product and the customer support was first class.”